Progressives should support the Trump-Kim summit.

It's annoying and exhausting watching my fellow progressives on MSNBC criticize Trump for meeting with Kim, when we all know they would have supported President Obama if he held the same meeting. The deal may not work, and right now the details are sketchy, but this progressive thinks it was the right thing to engage with North Korea, and I hope that it leads to a true and lasting peace,  even if it gives Trump a momentary bump in the polls.

Of course, there's plenty of hypocrisy in the White House too. As Trump savages our allies, including Justin Trudeau of Canada, and is far more at home with despots like Putin, Duarte and Kim, he scrapped the highly effective Iran deal, which is far more comprehensive and better for the US than the present North Korea agreement. And he drastically scaled back President Obama's normalization of relations with Cuba, and sees that country as more of a threat than North Korea.

Trump's upending of the world order is dangerous and misguided, but an American President should engage with all countries, no matter how ruthless and murderous their leaders are.

That's why I support the Trump-Kim summit. Just as I would have supported an Obama-Kim summit.