Scott performing at The Friars Club in New York.

Scott performing at The Friars Club in New York.


Jon Stewart took his class.

See how far his class can take you.

New York's most popular standup comedy instructor Scott Blakeman taught the Standup Comedy Workshop at The New School in New York for 25 years, and now offers it privately, with group classes and one on one coaching, both in person and via Skype.

Jon Stewart took Scott Blakeman's class and wrote, ""Dear Mr. Blakeman, Thank you for your interest in 'The Daily Show.' We are currently not hiring, but we'll keep your résumé - Wait! Scott Blakeman? Comedy professor emeritus? I would like to congratulate you on 70 years of teaching disgruntled lawyers, aimless psychologists and wise-ass New Jersey bartenders the art of standup. Your class of 1987 first acclimated me to the profoundly humiliating world of standup. It was just what my high self-esteem needed. Be well, sir."

And Chris Rock says, "Scott knows what he's talking about."

Scott's first workshop exclusively for teenagers 14 to 19, starts November 8 for five Sundays(no class November 29), from 1 pm to 3 pm at Comic Strip Live in Manhattan. The cost is $375, which includes a class performance at Comic Strip Live. Scott is the comedy coach of 15 year old Simon Cadel, who is starring in the sitcom The Wonderful Wayneys, in production now.

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